The New Houdini Chronology documents every week of Houdini's life with known performances and notable events. On this page you can view a rotation of sample years as I continue to build on it. My plan is to eventually offer the complete chronology as a book. I hope you'll find this a useful reseach tool and enjoy the previews!


Weeks run Monday to Sunday.
Last update: 1/12/19

Jan. 2-8: Barnard's Theater, Woolwich, UK. [1]
➤ Sat., Jan 7: Houdini present for Chung Ling Soo vs. Ching Ling Foo challenge. [1]
Jan. 9-15:
Jan. 16-22: Palace Theater, Glasgow, Scotland. [1][8]
Jan. 23-29: Palace Theater, Glasgow, Scotland. [1]
➤ Mon., Jan. 23: Reports that "thousands rushed the doors" of Palace Theater. [8]
Jan. 30-Feb. 5: Barnard's Palace of Varieties, Chatham, UK. [8]

Feb. 6-12: Barnard's Palace of Varieties, Chatham, UK. [9]
➤ [n.d.] Houdini escapes jail cell at Rochester Police Station on Castle Hill. [8][9]
Feb. 13-19: St. George's Hall, Bradford, UK. [1][8]
Feb. 20-26: Theater Royal, Stockton, UK. [1][6][8]
➤ Fri., Feb. 24: Challenge from Forman S. Cowlin and Rigger W. Hunt of Craig of Taylor & Co. to escape after being tied to chair. Stipulates escape must be made in full view of audience. [6]
Feb. 27-March 5:

March 6-12: Alhambra Theater, Paris, France. [1]
March 13-19: Alhambra Theater, Paris, France. [1]
March 20-26: Alhambra Theater, Paris, France. [1]
March 27-April 2: Alhambra Theater, Paris, France. [1]

April 3-9: Alexandra Theater, Sheffield, UK. [8]
➤ Thurs., April 6: Houdini celebrates 31st birthday.
April 10-16: King's Theater, Cardiff, UK. [1][8]
➤ Mon., April 10: Houdini (in disguise) causes mayhem at Stoll's Empire trying to challenge Frank Hilbert. Dash, Bess, and Gladys participate in fracas. [4][8]
➤ Fri., April 14: Houdini's assault complaint against manager of Stoll's Empire heard and dismissed.
April 17-23: Lyceum Theater, Newport, UK. [1][8]
➤ [n.d.] Houdini and Hilbert agree to jail breaking contest. Hilbert doesn't show. Houdini breaks jail solo. [8]
April 24-30: Hippodrome, Eastbourne, UK. [8]
➤ Wed., April 26: Escapes jail at Eastbourne police station. [8]

May 1-7: Empire Theater, Oldham, UK. [1][8]
May 8-14: Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, UK [some reports have Houdini at the Empire Palace of Varieties on these same dates]. [8]
May 15-21: Pavilion Theatre, Leicester, UK. [8]
➤ May 16: Houdini's brother Bill Weiss causes disturbance in Harlem NY challenging escape artist Cunning. [2]
May 22-28: Avenue Theater, Sunderland, UK. [1][8]
➤ Gladys Weiss is visiting Houdini in Europe at this time. [2]
➤ Mon., May 22: Houdini escapes jail at West Wear Street police station. [8]
May 29-June 4: Argyle Theatre of Varieties, Birkenhead, UK. [2][8]
➤ Houdini writes "this is an old contract and I could not get out of it very well."
➤ "Introduces" his Prison Cell & Barrel Mystery this week. (First presented in 1904.)

June 5-11: Hippodrome, Wigan, UK. [2][8][9]
June 12-18: Hippodrome (King & Church Street), Blackpool, UK - "Monstre Whitsuntide Attractions". [1][8][11]
➤ Mon., June 12: Houdini escapes from jail at South King street police station. [2][8]
➤ Wed., June 14: Challenge from Thomas Hartley of Boro' Saw Mills to escape packing case made of "One Inch Deal." [6]
➤ Sat., June 17: Henry Evanion dies in London. Houdini pays for funeral. [8]
June 19-25: Hippodrome Theater, Hastings, UK. [1][2][8]
➤ Wed., June 21: Challenge from Fredk Bruce of Bruce & Co. to escape from a locked and roped hamper. [6]
June 26-July 2: Gaiety Theater, Leith, Scotland. [1][8]
➤ [n.d.] Houdini rents storefront next door to Moss's Empire in Edinburgh where Franz Kukol and James Vickery expose Frank Hilbert's act "every half hour."

July 3-9: Gaiety Theater, Leith, Scotland. [1][8]
➤ Sat., July 8: Houdini moved to tears as closing night crowd carries him to train station. [8]
July 10-16:
July 17-23:
➤ Thus., July 20: Houdini sails for America aboard the Kronprinz Wilhelm. [8]
July 24-30:
July 31-Aug. 6:

Aug. 7-13:
Aug. 14-20:
➤ Sun., Aug. 20: Papers report Houdini "who returned from Europe 3 weeks ago" will rest until Oct. 1st.
Aug. 21-27:
Aug. 28-Sept. 3:

Sept. 4-10:
Sept. 11-17:
➤ Tues., Sept. 12: Hardeen causes "small riot" and is arrested while trying to challenge Cunning at Hyde & Behman's Theater in Brooklyn. Some accounts say Houdini present. [2]
Sept. 18-24:
➤ Wed., Sept. 20: Houdini vs. Boudini underwater handcuff escape contest off the Battery, NY. [2]
Sept. 25-Oct. 1:

Oct. 2-8: Colonial Theater (Broadway & 62nd St.), New York, NY. Billed as: "Important Engagement. First time in the United States in many years." [1][2]
Oct. 9-15: Colonial Theater, New York, NY. [1][2]
Oct. 16-22: Orpheum Theater, Brooklyn, NY. [1][2]
➤ Tues., Oct. 17: Escapes double locked jail cell at New York Police Dept. Nude test. Receives testimonial from Captain Sylvester Baldwin [mistakenly dated 1901?] [6]-secondary source required.
Oct. 23-29: Orpheum Theater, Brooklyn, NY. [1][2]
➤ Tues., Oct. 24: Challenge from Abraham and Straus to escape packing case. [6]
Oct. 30-Nov. 5: Alhambra Theater (2110 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd.), New York, NY. [2]

Nov. 6-12: Alhambra Theater, New York, NY. [2]
Nov. 13-19: Grand Opera House, Pittsburgh, PA. [2]
Nov. 20-26: Temple Theater, Detroit, MI. [1][2]
➤ Mon., Nov. 20: Escapes from Detroit jail cell and handcuffs in less than 2 minutes. Receives testimonial from Jno. J. Downey, Superintendent of Police. [6]
➤ Fri., Nov. 24: Challenge from Pardridge & Blackwell's to escape packing case. Free in 9 minutes. [2]
Nov. 27-Dec. 3: Keith's Theater, Cleveland, OH. [1]

Dec. 4-10: Cook Opera House, Rochester, NY. [1][2]
➤ Mon., Dec. 4: Houdini escapes handcuffs and jail cell at Rochester police headquarters. Nude test. [2][6]
➤ Fri., Dec. 8: Challenge from Sibley, Lindsay & Curr Co. to escape packing case. [2]
Dec. 11-17: Shea's Theater, Buffalo, NY. [1][2]
➤ Mon., Dec. 11: Houdini escapes handcuffs and jail cell at Buffalo police headquarters on Franklin Street in 10 mins. Nude test. [2]
➤ Fri., Dec. 15: Challenge from J. N. Adams & Co. to escape packing case. Public invited to bring nails. Free in 20 mins. [2]
Dec. 18-24: Keith's Maryland Theater, Baltimore, MD. [12]
Dec. 25-31: Keith's Maryland Theater, Baltimore, MD. [2]
➤ Tues., Dec. 26: Houdini escapes handcuffs and jail cell at Baltimore police station. Also unlocks cell of prisoner Frank Rodgers (charged with stealing an overcoat). [2]

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