The New Houdini Chronology documents every week of Houdini's life with known performances and notable events. On this page you can view a rotation of sample years as I continue to build on it. My plan is to eventually offer the complete chronology as a book. I hope you'll find this a useful reseach tool and enjoy the previews!


Weeks run Monday to Sunday
Last update: 2/10/19

Dec. 29-Jan. 4:
Jan. 5-11: Rembrandt Theater, Amsterdam, Holland. [1]
Jan. 12-18: Rembrandt Theater, Amsterdam, Holland. [1]
Mon., Jan. 12: Escapes jail at police station on Halvemaansteeg in Amsterdam. [6]
[n.d.] While playing the Rembrandt, Houdini shares bill with Milla Barry and has some kind "fearful trouble" with her. [5][11]
Jan. 19-25: Rembrandt Theater, Amsterdam, Holland. [1]
Jan. 26-Feb. 1: Rembrandt Theater, Amsterdam, Holland. [1]

Feb. 2-8: Mellini's Theater, Hanover, Germany. [1]
Feb. 9-15: Mellini's Theater, Hanover, Germany. [1]
Feb. 16-22: Mellini's Theater, Hanover, Germany. [1]
Feb. 23-March 1: Mellini's Theater, Hanover, Germany. [1]

March 2-8: Circus Carre at Reichshallen Theater, Cologne, Germany. [1]
Mon., March 2: Houdini hires Franz Kukol. [4]
March 9-15: Circus Carre at Reichshallen Theater, Cologne, Germany. [1]
Tues., March 10: Harry and Bess are at the Dom Hotel in Cologne "until end of month." [5]
March 16-22: Circus Carre at Reichshallen Theater, Cologne, Germany. [1]
Tues., March 17: Houdini meets Alexander Heimburger (Alexander the Conjurer) in Muenster (Krumpentippen 16), Germany. [1][3][4]
March 23-29: Circus Carre at Reichshallen Theater, Cologne, Germany. [1]
March 30-April 5:

April 6-12: Wintergarten Theater, Berlin, Germany. [1]
Mon., April 6: Houdini celebrates 29th birthday.
Wed., April 8: Houdini travels to Koetchenbroda, Germany in unsuccessful attempt to visit magician Wiljalba Frikell. [4]
April 13-19: Wintergarten Theater, Berlin, Germany. [1]
➤ Wed., April., 15: Houdini renews passport application. Shows birthdate as April 6, 1874 in Appleton. [9]
April 20-26: Wintergarten Theater, Berlin, Germany. [1]
➤ Sun., April., 26: William Melville notes in diary: "Called at War Offices to pass on letter from HH." [11]
April 27-May 3:
Sat., May 2: Houdini leaves Berlin for Russia. [3]

Russia was still on the Julian calendar and therefore 13 day behind other countries. Dates below reflect the Western Gregorian calendar, but reliable dating for the Russia tour is difficult and largely approximations.

May 4-10: Yar, Moscow, Russia. [1]
Sun., May 10: Siberian Transport Prison Van escape. (Russian date April 27th, per Houdini). [2][5]
May 11-17: Yar, Moscow, Russia. [1]
May 18-24: Yar, Moscow, Russia. [1]
Sat., May 23: Houdini performed at Palace Kleinmichel for Grand Duke Sergei Aeksandrovich.
May 25-31: Yar, Moscow, Russia. [1]

June 1-7: [Houdini played the Ermitage and Zoo Gardens in Moscow after the Yar, but no dates are available.]
June 8-14:
June 15-21:
June 22-28:
June 29-July 5:
Tues., June 30: Houdini signs contract to play St. Petersburg. (Russian date June 17.) [5]
Sat., July 4: Houdini and Bess celebrate 4th of July at American Consulate. (Russian date June 21.) [10]

July 6-12:
Sometime in July Houdini appears at the Gordon "Aquarium" Garden in Moscow. [6][13]
July 13-19:
July 20-26:
July 27-Aug. 2: Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. [10]

Aug. 3-9: Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. [10]
Aug. 10-16: Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. [10]
Aug 17-23:
Aug. 24-30:
Aug. 31-Sept. 6:

Sept. 7-13: Circus Carre, Dordrecht & Groningen, Holland. [1][6]
[n.d.] Houdini takes famous publicity pics at J.F. Blöte studio, Oosterstraat D 18, Groningen, Holland. [12]
Sept. 14-20: Circus Carre, Dordrecht & Groningen, Holland. [1]
➤ Tues., Sept., 15: William Melville notes in diary: "No word yet from HH." [11]
Sept. 21-27: Circus Carre, Dordrecht & Groningen, Holland. [1]
Sept. 28-Oct. 4:

Oct. 5-11: Central Theater, Dresden, Germany (opened Oct. 4). [1][6]
Sat., Oct. 10: Houdini again travels to Koetchenbroda to visit Wiljalba Frikell. Discovers Frikell has died an hour before his arrival. [This is misdated as "Sat. Oct. 8" in Houdini biographies.] [4]
Oct. 12-18: Central Theater, Dresden, Germany. [1]
Oct. 19-25: Central Theater, Dresden, Germany. [1]
Oct. 26-Nov. 1: Central Theater, Dresden, Germany. [5][10]

Nov. 2-8:
Nov. 9-15: Pavilion Theater, Leicester, UK. [1][8]
Mon., Nov. 9: Escapes military prison where Oliver Cromwell held prisoners. [10]
Thurs., Nov. 12: Challenged by T. Bennett, "the man that baffled the Davenport Brothers", to escape rope tie. [6]
Nov. 16-22: People's Palace, Halifax, UK. [1][8]
Mon., Nov. 16: America's Sensational Perplexer! pitchbook released. [6]
Nov. 23-29: [venue unknown], Middlesborough, UK. [10]
Nov. 30-Dec. 6: Empire, Huddersfield, UK. [1][8]
Mon., Nov. 30: Houdini escapes Huddersfield jail in 16 mins. Opens all cell doors. [6][8][10]
Tues., Dec. 1: Houdini writes about death of Cirnoc. [10]

Dec. 7-13:
Dec. 14-20: The Palace, Blackburn, Lancashire, UK. [8]
[n.d.] Houdini deals with "a heel named Wilson." [7]
Dec. 21-27: Palace Theatre, Hull, UK. [8]
Dec. 28-Jan. 3: [venue unknown], Birmingham, UK. [8][9]

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