The New Houdini Chronology documents every week of Houdini's life with known performances and notable events. On this page you can view some sample years as I continue to build on it. My plan is to eventually offer the complete chronology as a book. I hope you'll find this a useful research tool and enjoy the previews!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Now sharing the touchstone years

Today I'm updating this page with a random selection of what I'm calling the "touchstone years." These are years that are especially significant in terms of Houdini's life and career. I've also included my "A.D." page that tracks the amazing afterlife of Houdini from 1927 to the present.

As always, your comments and contributions are welcome.

I hope you enjoy this latest peek inside The New Houdini Chronology.


  1. Thanks, John. I always look forward to these. I like how you grouped these significant years together. I saw Chris Angel's performance at the Goodyear Theater in Akron, Ohio last year--really because I knew Harry played there. Chris spoke of being influenced by Houdini, but no mention during his show that the man who inspired him played the same stage in 1926. I wonder if he even knew? --Dale

    1. I wonder? I wonder if the theater even knows! But, yes, HH did indeed play there.

      Glad you enjoy. I could have done any number of different "touchstone" years as it seems every year was important in some way!